1 Octomesh™ Body

MID-Weight Polypropylene
Provides broad coverage
of deffect

2 Strap Passer

Blunt-Tipped Instrument
Tunnels anchoring straps
through abdominal wall

3 For Securement and Stability

Eight anchoring straps secure
implant in place


The unique design and proprietary technologies of OCTOMESHTM Freedom Ventral Hernia Repair System brings in coalescence the Octomesh body and the dynamic straps.
Designed to provide fixation-free placement with no onlay component and no need for the invasion of the anterior space.

The STRAP™ technique

The Freedom Octomesh™ implant is designed to be used in open ventral hernia repair. It is placed as a sublay mesh. It can be placed above the peritoneum or above the retrorectus fascia. The eight anchoring straps of the Octomesh™ implant are used to stabilize the body of the implant by friction within the abdominal wall while the tissue integrates into the mesh body. A special strap passer is used to tunnel the anchoring straps.

Retromuscular Placement

The OCTOMESH™ is placed above the peritoneum. The eight anchoring straps are positioned radially and pulled through the abdominal wall muscles.

The OCTOMESH™ anchoring straps are pulled through the layers of the abdominal wall to hold the body of the mesh in place during the phase of tissue ingrowth.

Preperitoneal Placement

Simplified, broad coverage.
Placement made easy and secure.

No Sutures. No Tacks.

Eight anchoring straps use frictional securement to ensure a stable implant during the critical early post-operative period.

OCTOMESHT™ Clinical Study.

Eight (8) radiopaque markers were placed on the implant adjacent to each strap. X-ray was used in 51 patients, for a total of 408 markers, to evaluate their position.

Designed to improve patient outcomes.

Clinical Experience

  • 41 patients (mean follow up 36 months, range 12-72)
  • No hernia recurrence reported
  • Pain scores reported on a scale from 0-5

Order information

Size Width Length Code
XSmall 12cm 15cm FVHR12X15
Small 15cm 25cm FVHR15X25
Medium 20cm 30cm FVHR20X30
Large 28cm 35cm FVHR28X35
XLarge 35cm 45cm FVHR35X45

Ready to be implanted

Octomesh™ is packaged in a convenient tray system - designed to reduce handling of the implant until it is ready to be implanted. Each kit is complete with an ergonomic strap passer.

The implant is loaded on a unique white plastic carrier that protects the implant and allows a clean transfer to the operating site.

Implantation Technique

For a full description of the technique refer to the Instructions for Use and the Technique Guide in the Download section.

Octomesh™ downloads

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