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Insightra Medical launches Insightra Surgical Solutions at International Hernia Congress in Miami

NASHVILLE, Tenn.March 14, 2018PRLog — Insightra Medical Inc. announced the launch of its specialty division Insightra Surgical Solutions today at the International Hernia Congress in Miami.

“Since Insightra Medical Inc. has been acquired by GPB Capital in May of 2017, the company has undergone a very positive restructuring process.  This has enabled the whole Insightra team to now focus on its core strengths” says Kai Trompeter, CEO of Insightra Medical Inc.

“By launching Insightra Surgical Solution we are strengthening our innovative portfolio of hernia repair products.  With our dynamic hernia implant ProFlor Freedom-I Insightra provides a premium solution for open inguinal hernia surgery, allowing patients a hernia repair solution with drastically reduced post-operative and chronic pain compared to the most widely used Lichtenstein technique.

A ProFlor surgery can be performed by an experienced surgeon in less than 30 minutes, the patient can usually be discharged from hospital the same day and return back to work after 48 hours.

With Octomesh Freedom-V, we provide a solution for open ventral hernia repair, which requires no sutures nor tacks. Octomesh therefore not only reduces patient trauma but provides significant cost savings to hospitals, due to lower cost of surgical material and faster surgery time” explains John Rafols, President Insightra North America.

Laxmikant Khanolkar, President Insightra International adds “We have been selling ProFlor and Octomesh successfully in a number of markets worldwide in the last 3 years, especially through our subsidiary in India and have become the innovative market leader in India with many thousands of successfully performed surgeries.”

After field testing sales in selective US markets in the last two years, ProFlor and Octomesh are now available for sale in the whole United States and Insightra plans to roll out 5 new highly innovative product developments for hernia repair in the next 24 months.

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